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​An Expert Escape: When Thunder Rolls Across the Green

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An Expert Escape: When Thunder Rolls Across the Green

Picture this: you are out for a quick round of golf, hoping to beat the weatherman’s afternoon rain prediction. Suddenly, the sky gets dark, the wind switches directions abruptly, and you sense a noticeable drop in temperature. These are the major signs that a thunderstorm is headed your way.

What do you do when you’re on the green and a thunderstorm approaches quickly or even without warning? Most importantly, don’t panic and keep the following tips in mind…

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Practice Summer Storm Safety

At the first signs of a coming storm, it’s always a good idea to turn back and head for shelter. Doing so could put you in a better spot when the storm hits or help you avoid encountering even a single raindrop altogether!

Second, you can learn a lot about a storm by considering its lightning patterns. Lightning strikes after thunder, but it does not always need to be close to the eye of the storm. Lightning has been known to strike three miles away from the storm itself. Although this kind of incident is not super common, it is wise to keep this in the back of your mind -- especially if a golfing buddy wants to push the envelope and try to finish the hole you’re on! Better to buy the first round under shelter at the clubhouse.

Third, if the storm has moved too quickly and you suddenly find it overhead, you are going to want to stay low and ditch the clubs! Getting rid of your metal clubs and keeping close to the ground will help you in a sudden storm situation. However, while you do want to stay low, you do not want to lay flat! If lightning does strike, laying flat will make you more vulnerable to electrocution.

Fourth, and most importantly, do not take your time! The shelter is the goal when a summer thunderstorm threatens your golf game, and you, more importantly. Do not finish the hole (even if you are on the green!) having that extra minute could make the difference. Borrow this mantra from the CDC, “When thunder roars, go indoors!”

Lastly, if thunderstorms are in the forecast, check the radar before heading out too far from shelter. If the storm appears to be coming in, play it safe and get back to your car. These tips can help you in a pinch, but when the wind starts picking up and the sky gets dark you will be glad you are headed home and not on the back nine.

Golfing is important and can support a healthy lifestyle, but keeping yourself protected from the elements should always be your first priority.

Speaking of protecting yourself from the elements, did you know our stylish, athletic, negative ion bracelets can help protect you from the negative effects associated with positive ion exposure? 

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