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​Everything in Moderation Includes Exercise During Covid-19 Crisis

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 Everything in Moderation Includes Exercise During Covid-19 Crisis

As we all struggle to establish a new normal under social distancing directives, many people are intensifying their fitness regimens, intent on using this down time to become the fittest versions of themselves. Although an admirable alternative to Netflix binges, the trouble with this approach is the intensity.

While research shows that moderate exercise does wonders for health and wellness, both from a physical and mental standpoint, too-rigorous fitness routines can actually compromise your immune system. As we all fight to stay healthy and strong during this pandemic, compromising your immune system is the last thing you want to do.

So, what is the recommended course of action when it comes to staying (or getting) in shape during the Covid-19 global pandemic?

Moderation is Key

As reported by the Washington Post, Arduous exercise can lower immunity, so don’t overdo it during the pandemic, intense workouts can negatively impact your immune system.

A study conducted in 1987 by David Nieman, director of the human performance laboratory at Appalachian State University helped him “identify thresholds of exercise where your immunity begins to decrease.”

What Nieman found was that immune systems remain strong for up to 90 minutes of exercise; past that benchmark, they begin to weaken.

Brad Stulberg, a California-based performance coach explains that, “Regular exercise boosts immunity, very hard efforts temporarily lower immunity, and chronic overtraining lowers immunity in more enduring ways.”

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, you want to target your efforts to regular, but moderate exercise so that you don’t risk taxing your immune system, no matter how much time you suddenly have on your hands to train harder and longer. Resist the impulse to overdo it in order to protect yourself and stay at your strongest.

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