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Golf Instruction Evolves -- Goes Online

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Golf Instruction Evolves -- Goes Online

Online instruction has grown in popularity and proved invaluable these past few months during the Covid-19 pandemic that shuttered colleges, schools, and universities across the country. Perhaps it’s no surprise that golf instruction has also evolved to suit social distancing demands, with more online options available than ever before. What used to be found exclusively in golf magazines and instruction manuals, can now be found in abundance in cyberspace, often for free.

Have you explored golf instruction online? Depending on where you live and whether your golf courses are open for business again, an online or virtual golf lesson might be just the thing to keep your game up to par.

The Virtues of Virtual Learning

Even if our country wasn’t recovering from the ravages of a global pandemic, virtual golf instruction is worth considering for a number of reasons.

  1. An Economical Option -- Compared to in-person lessons, which can run upwards of $250 per hour, virtual lessons with the same golf pro are often available for a far more affordable rate, even as low as $50. The virtual route makes elite instruction available to those folks who otherwise might not have the budget to swing the in-person fee.
  2. Quality is Consistent -- Just because the online option is more affordable than traditional on the ground lessons doesn’t mean you’re getting a watered down education. The key is to source it from reputable publications. For instance, “Much of the tutelage from famous pros you see in the print editions of Golf and Golf Digest now comes to life in video versions on their websites and mobile apps.”
  3. More Freedom and Flexibility -- Obviously, with traditional instruction, you need to physically be available to show up at a specific place and time. Opting for online alternatives means more scheduling flexibility and the opportunity to learn from home or…
  4. Keep the Pace While on the Road -- For those who typically travel for work, or retirees who are living out their wanderlust dreams, online golf instruction means you can stay sharp and perfect your swing from anywhere in the world. Imagine this ideal situation -- hitting the links while on vacation, and setting aside time to work on your skills from the comfort of your accommodations.

My personal favorite is Top Speed Golf with Clay Ballard.  I have been with him for 6 months and my swing has improved dramatically as well as the understanding of my mechanics.  Love this guy!

Before you begin your golf instruction online, we recommend finding a negative ion or magnet bracelet in the spirit of back to school shopping.


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