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How to Make the Most Out of your Golf Round

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How to Make the Most Out of your Golf Round

Negative ions, proven to be responsible for those “good vibes” you feel out on the course, are the the distant relative of harmful positive ions. Too much positive ion exposure can result in feelings of fatigue and lethargy, which may cost you time away from your favorite game. While magnets can help with blood flow, which may reduce inflammation. All good stuff when it comes to the golf game.

Every second you spend on the green is precious. For those who seek to improve and make the most out of their tee time, carrying additional electronics that measure shot distance is a hassle, not to mention air-polluting. One solution to this problem is the Arccos Driver Tracking System.

The Arccos is a lightweight, small sensor that screws into the holes on golf club grips and records your shots while sending that data to the cloud for further review, provided you download an app software, complimentary with the purchase of the Arccos.

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Let’s face the facts: data and analytics are quickly becoming big proponents to the improvement of your golf game. Simply recording your driver shots merely scratches the surface of what the Arccos is truly capable of.

In addition to recording your shots, the corresponding Arccos app will provide a handy breakdown of all of your drive statistics, including the strengths and weaknesses of your shot, such as fairways hit and drive averages. It also knows the difference between a practice shot and a real shot so you can truly enjoy your time at the course.

Compatible with phone models as early as iPhone 4S and Android Lollipop, the Arccos comes ready to work with a battery life of about 50 rounds to satisfy even the most intrepid and enduring of golfers. Hands down, the Arccos is the way to go if you want to improve your golf game while cherishing your time on the green.

How Negative Ions and Magnets Can Help

If you’d prefer a more natural-feeling way to improve your golf skills, or would like to supplement your experience with the Arccos, look no further than than our negative ion and magnet technology. Many people who have experienced our wonderful negative ion gear can’t say enough about the benefits associated with their wear.

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