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​Keeping Kids Entertained and Educated, While Keeping Yourself Sane!

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Keeping Kids Entertained and Educated, While Keeping Yourself Sane!

At IonLoop, we’re taking a moment to salute our customers who are currently facing a considerable challenge, thanks to COVID-19. As if social distancing, job losses, or the sudden transition from corporate to home office wasn’t tough enough, many of you are now responsible for educating your children… and keeping them entertained during the downtime.

Parks, movie theaters, malls, and playgrounds have closed across the country and playdates are also frowned upon, according to current social distancing recommendations. So, how do you as a parent and possibly one who still has professional responsibilities, rise to the occasion and keep your kids happy and yourself… sane?

We’ve got a few ideas to share and invite you to post your own suggestions on our social media channels. Let’s help each other out and show support during this uncertain chapter of our collective history…

Check Out this Catalog of Stay Home and Stay Sane Ideas

Keeping kids entertained during the best of times can prove challenging. The current COVID-19 crisis is making this mission even more complicated, adding to everyone’s anxiety and stress -- including your children’s. In fact, we’d wager that many kids across the country miss going to school (whether or not they’d admit it), if for nothing more than the social connection to friends, teachers, and teammates.

This creative resource organizes at-home activities across different categories, so you can tailor your choices, according to your kiddo’s strengths and interests. The categories include the following:

  • Games and Activities
  • Clean / Fix
  • Plan
  • Cook
  • Science Experiments
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Perform
  • Outside your Perimeter: Driveway, Yard, Garden, and Beyond
  • Links to Online Fun and Learning
  • Surprise! You're Homeschooling! Here are tips for success.
  • Operation Storytime
  • Virtual / Online Event Calendar

Take a Field Trip!

Don’t let social distancing stop you or your kids from seeing the world. An impressive number of museums, zoos, and aquariums now offer virtual tours of their facilities, which often include special daily events and presentations. These are some of the most popular virtual tours for kids, featuring the Louvre in Paris, the Georgia Aquarium, the San Diego Zoo, and even Walt Disney World.

Pro tip: Rather than crowd around a laptop or computer monitor -- after all, everyone already feels on top of each other -- cast the tour to your television set so everyone has ample room to stretch.

Arm Up with Some Inspiration

For the moms, dads, grandparents, guardians -- anyone charged with keeping kids safe, educated, and entertained at home -- we understand your struggle and are with you every step of the way. As a reminder, check out our new America strong series and arm up with this assurance:

America has shown the world that time & time again we will rise to face any challenge,

now we face the difficult task to defeat the Invisible Virus. We have pulled together as one nation in the past few weeks and we remain strong… America strong!

As you hold down the fort at your homebase, keeping your kids educated and entertained, we hope these engaging activities support your efforts. We invite you to shop our new America Strong series for added assurance and a reminder that we will persevere as we’ve done before


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