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​Measuring Fitness to Keep You Motivated

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Measuring Fitness to Keep You Motivated

Believe it or not, whether inside or outside, you are constantly breathing in or absorbing atomic molecules known as ions, which can carry either a positive charge generally responsible for positive ion poisoning, or a helpful negative one associated with enhancing personal “good vibes.”, both physical and psychological.

What if we told you that you can keep those good vibes going with a device that enables you to measure your fitness level, golf shots/strokes, and keep your notifications current, whether it’s a call or business email? Introducing the Garmin Approach Black Golf and Fitness Tracker.

Although this tracker represents multifunctional technology, in order to access the extra features apart from the biometrics, this gadget needs to be paired with a smartphone. The best part about this neat all-in-one tracker is the benefits it can provide you relative to your fitness.

It’s About Fitness

We shouldn’t have to tell you that measuring your fitness is just as important as measuring your golf game. After all, how well you play is directly impacted by how well you maintain your body. Staying in shape is a no-brainer.

Measurement, in combination with setting (realistic) goals, gives you something to work toward; motivating you to reach higher. Working on your golf game while maintaining an ongoing record of your fitness activity can be a rewarding and fun endeavor, just as going to the gym can be a drag sometimes.

In keeping with the spirit of measurement, the Garmin monitors your activity levels — specifically your heart rate and calories burned — so you know when you should probably slow down or can afford to speed it up.

Helping You Along

The Garmin only makes it easier to track your fitness and activity levels, it doesn’t actually “help” with being fit. That’s on you. But the good news is that there is something that may well help you enhance your active lifestyle — our negative ion bracelets.

From golf enthusiasts to pros, casual fitness fans to hardcore gym goers, our negative ion technology is praised by people of all abilities for its restorative and energizing qualities.

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