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Mix and Match Your Bracelets with Benefits

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Mix and Match Your Jewelry with Benefits

Whether it’s your favorite wristwatch or a beloved bracelet, you can mix and match with any of the stylish IonLoop bracelets in order to reap the benefits of negative ion technology. Not familiar with innovative IonLoop products? Never heard of negative ion technology before? We’ve got you covered! Consider this your simple guide on how to combine your own bracelets with some IonLoop pieces for your optimal look.

But first, here’s quick consideration of negative ion technology and what it might mean for you.

Defining Negative Ions

A negative ion actually provides positive vibes for your body. An oxygen atom with an added electron, negative ions combat the harmful effects of positive ions. You can find negative ions in nature, particularly in and around water sources - even raindrops. And while negative ions might be easy enough to access, the fact is most of us are downright surrounded by positive ions. While that might sound like a good thing - it’s not!

Most of us work in spaces that are rife with positive ions, thanks to technology like computers, laptops, and other electronics. Even away from the office, we’re glued to our cell phones, another refuge for positive ions.

Fortunately, it’s never been easier to fight back against the prevalence of positive ions all around us. IonLoop bracelets are embedded with negative ions, making it simple to stay stylish while keeping the beneficial effects of negative ions close by at all times.

Stack Your Bracelets for a Layered Look that Keeps You Level

IonLoop bracelets come in an amazing range of colors, widths, and styles, designed for both men and women. Choose to make a statement with a bold color, or thicker, even braided, band. Why not show your trendier side by rocking the popular double wrap bracelet? Or keep things conservative by opting for a thinner bracelet in a neutral tone.

You can even show support for your favorite sports team, military branch, or promote your personal passion - like running, cycling or golfing. Are you a fan of water sports, or just enjoy time spent on the lake or beach? Good news! IonLoop bracelets are waterproof, supported by silicone, which protects the negative ion technology within.

Whatever your style, you can find plenty of IonLoop options to enhance your look… and possibly even your well-being. 

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