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​New Year, New Goals, but Always Negative Ions!

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New Goals, but Always Negative Ions!

IonLoop is welcoming 2023 with excitement, anticipation, and of course… negative ions!

We’re all about health, fitness, and living in tune with your body, year-round. That’s why we actually encourage you to ditch the new year's resolutions and opt for more practical monthly goal setting techniques instead.

Doing so will give you more long-lasting, measurable results, rather than the frustration that can follow a failure to commit to an overwhelming resolution.

Of course, we always recommend utilizing the power of negative ions to help you in the process…

Master Monthly Goal Setting

Studies show that after one month, only 64% of people that form new year’s resolutions are successful in keeping them. This is because people often make unrealistic goals, don’t keep track of their progress, forget about their resolutions, or make too many.

When it comes to a new year’s resolution, it typically is an all or nothing deal. You set the goal and if you don’t accomplish it, all the other goals -- or progress made to that point -- tend to get cast aside.

Making micro-goals each month is a more efficient way to practice goal setting. This method helps you create a healthier mindset, and you’ll be able to celebrate accomplishing your goals all year round! This way, you won’t immediately become discouraged when you don’t quit a habit right away or adopt a new hobby.

Taking on the New Year With Negative Ions

We’ve gone over all the benefits of negative ions hundreds of times… but we just can't preach enough about their benefits! If any time was a good time to start reaping their benefits, it would be at the start of the new year.


Because regardless if you plan to set new year's resolutions or not, you probably still want to head into the new year as your best self. Negative ions can help you feel better both mentally and physically–which is exactly the way we want to feel going into and throughout 2023!

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