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​Protect Yourself with a Plant-based Diet?

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Protect Yourself with a Plant-based Diet?

The current Covid-19 pandemic has many people rethinking their daily decisions when it comes to their health. Diet and nutrition has always factored into overall health and wellness, but now some of us are considering how to amp up our immune systems with what we choose to eat. Enter plant-based diets. Some doctors promote plant-based diets for their patients as the remedy for a variety of ailments and a general RX for robust immune systems.

What is a plant-based diet and should you consider one? (Note: before starting any new diet or exercise regimen, you should always consult with your medical practitioner beforehand).

The Particulars of Plant-based Diets

Unlike vegetarian or vegan diets, plant-based diets might prove more attractive to more people, especially those who have a hard time imagining never eating meat or dairy again. Unlike the no meat/no dairy restrictions of vegetarian and vegan diets, choosing a plant-forward approach to meals simply means that plant sources provide the foundation of your food.

What, exactly, counts as a plant source?

There are the obvious fruits and vegetables, but also beans, legumes, nuts, oils, seeds, and whole grains.

Just a quick Google search will yield all sorts of plant-based meal plans and ideas for getting started. It’s easier than you think and, depending on your lifestyle, you might be well on your way already.

But, why should you prefer a plant-based diet over any other?

Weighing the Pros of Plant-based Diets

Plant-based diets provide a wealth of benefits and reasons why more of us should explore this approach to meal-planning.

According to research from the MD Anderson Cancer Center, there are five key reasons why plant-based diets deserve your consideration:

  1. Increased immunity
  2. Decreased inflammation
  3. Increased fiber intake
  4. Decreased cancer risk
  5. Healthy weight maintenance

The first, increased immunity, is explained by MD Anderson health education specialist, Andrea Murray, MD, “Plants give your body what it needs to help fight off infection. A plant-based diet strengthens your immune system to protect you against germs and microorganisms.”

In light of the global pandemic, and with so many anxious to do whatever they can to protect themselves, switching to a plant-based diet might be prudent.

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