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Snack Smart for Your Strongest Score

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Snack Smart for Your Strongest Score

IonLoop is proud to feature the cutting edge research of the Golf Channel’s own Dr. Ara Suppiah, with respect to smart snacking in defense of your strongest score. In addition to sporting the IonLoop exclusive TiCuff Titanium bracelet, Dr. Ara -- as he prefers to be called -- is a sage when it comes to smart snacking and supplying your body with optimal fuel sources. Of course, plenty of golfers are supplementing their snacks with magnetic bead bracelets, given their reputation for alleviating pains associated with arthritis. A clever choice!

However, when it comes to snacking, many amateur and even professional golfers reach for the easy option when our energy wanes and we need a quick pick me up. All too often that easy option involves too much sugar, which leads to that desired spike in energy, soon followed by an inevitable crash. But Dr. Ara explains in Eat Right, Supercharge Your Score, that some snacks really do succeed in going that extra mile…

Nuts and Shakes Raise the Bar

Although nuts take the cake when it comes to a high caloric count, they do offer a perfect blend of fats and proteins that deliver energy slowly, while stores of B12 perk you up, on the fly. For an additional boost, Dr. Ara recommends sprinkling your serving of nuts with a half-cup of cranberries or raisins. Why? These little powerhouses promise a powerful surge of energy into your bloodstream, while managing to sidestep the major spikes associated with most sugars.

Play it smart and stick to Dr. Ara’s suggestion. Simply reserve a half cup of nuts in a container, with or without the recommended cranberries and raisins. Regardless, you’ll benefit from better fuel and resist ingesting excessive calories.

 A Case for Shakes

If nuts aren’t your thing, Dr. Ara advises that you give shakes a try as a smart meal replacement. Why shakes? For the sake of speed. When you opt for a shake instead of a traditional meal, you’re delivering necessary nutrients -- like multivitamins, digestive enzymes, and amino acids -- to your body quicker. The quicker you can deliver those nutrients before teeing off, the stronger your swing, and the more energized you’ll be to play the long game.

Granted, not all shakes are created equal. Dr. Ara urges you to shoot for shakes that contain a minimum of 20 grams of protein, while providing less than 10 grams of fat and under 30 grams of carbohydrates. Check for the USDA certified organic stamp for your best bet and ensure that your shake’s sugar content falls under 8 grams.

If nuts and shakes leave you craving something else, Dr. Ara gives the green light on sports bars; however, he does caution that you use his formula for evaluating shakes in order to determine the best bars for your optimal fuel intake.

Clever Calories and Cutting Edge Accessories

In addition to his professional posture on smart snacking and fuss-free fueling for your body, Dr. Ara routinely reaps the benefits of IonLoop technology, celebrated for its ability to enhance both professional and amateur athletes’ physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.  

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