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Stay Safe During Firework Season!

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Stay Safe During Firework Season!

No matter where you go this month, odds are you will see or hear fireworks. They are practically unavoidable throughout the summertime and not just on Independence Day. Between graduation celebrations, weddings, and even gender reveals, fireworks feature on a regular basis during the summer months.

In fact, with Labor Day -- another popular excuse for fireworks -- right around the corner, you’ll want to keep current with safety standards before scoping out the next display. Whether you enjoy setting off fireworks or prefer to watch from the sidelines as a casual observer, here at IonLoop, we want you to stay safe!

Check out our five fast tips to help your summertime celebrations sparkle safely.

Of course,for added protection against daily pollutants and health hazards, like positive ions, we recommend you take a closer look at our ionic bracelets and therapy magnetic bracelets when you want to feel your best and brightest.

Strategies to Stay Safe Around Firework Festivities

1)Never allow young children to handle fireworks. This tip can apply to many things, but fireworks especially. Leave it to the adults and, better yet, the professionals. According to the National Safety Council, even smaller grade “fireworks” like sparklers can cause serious burns. Keep an eye on those kiddos to ensure they are looking and not touching.

2)Keep some water handy. Just like water is good for the body, it is also great for some heated situations. If a firework extravaganza begins to go awry it is always best to have a bucket of water or a hose nearby. Being prepared can make all the difference and save you from a scorched lawn… or worse.

3)Protect those eyes! If you are the lucky adult that is going to be manning the fireworks at this year’s show, grab some goggles to shield your eyes from encountering harmful smoke and sparks.

4)Stay away from duds. If you attempt to light a firework and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, do not try again! A malfunctioning firework should be left alone and treated with care.

5)Disposal tactic. After the show is over, soak all of the fireworks in water for a few hours before discarding them. According to the National Safety Council, fireworks burn at about 2000°F! Take the time to cool them down before attempting to store the debris in your garbage bins.

Whatever the occasion, it’s a good idea to review your firework safety checklist before attending or hosting a firework display. Looking for more ways to stay safe this summer? Shop IonLoop for our negative ion bracelets designed to complement your unique style and best self. 


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