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​Stretch it Out!

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Stretch it Out!

With colder months upon us, it is important to keep up with a solid stretching routine!

Those of us who work out regularly know firsthand how crucial it is to stretch, especially when it is cold outside. This ensures that your muscles are properly warmed up and activated before you begin any activity.

However, regardless of fitness routine, stretching is important for everyone. In the colder months, our bodies get stiffer. Stretching is one way to stay limber, even when the weather is inclement or icy.

Best indoor stretching exercises

Over the summer, we went over the importance of stretching, but now we wanted to provide you with some ways to stretch it out in the winter!

With flexibility being one of the most important parts of health and fitness, it is beneficial for you to implement a daily 5-minute stretching session into your routine. Sure, the holidays can be hectic, but we should all be able to steal five minutes to ourselves.

  1. Runner’s stretch - This stretch is great for the lower body, specifically the hamstrings and lower back.
  2. Forward fold - The ultimate full body stretch. It helps with legs, hamstrings, the chest, and shoulders. This stretch is ideal for those who spend long hours sitting at a computer.
  3. Seated back twist - This spinal twist exercise is great for a much needed release. It can help with lower back pain and even increase mobility. This stretch should be avoided if you have any disk or spinal problems.
  4. Bound angle - This is a hip opening stretch that helps decrease tension in the hips and muscles in the interior of your thighs.
  5. Chest stretch in door - If you have poor posture, you have likely felt tightness in your chest and shoulders. Doing daily chest-opening stretches can help prevent this tightness and help with better posture and breathing.

Stretching is easy because you rarely ever need equipment!

Benefits of stretching in the winter

Senior Consultant at the Orthopaedics Bone and Joint Surgery Hospital, Dr Raghu Nagaraj, explains that “Cold weather causes muscles to lose more heat and contract, causing tightness throughout the body. Joints get tighter, muscles can lose their range of motion and nerves can more easily be pinched.”

Stretching can support your joints and muscles, helping you:

  • Improve posture
  • Improve range of motion and prevent the loss of range of motion
  • Decrease back pain
  • Prevent injury
  • Decrease muscle soreness

Celebrate National Stretching Day on December 11, 2022!

IonLoop encourages you to stretch everyday for optimal health and wellness.

Celebrate with us on National Stretching Day (December 11)!


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