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​Keeping Score on Your Golf Game

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Keeping Score on Your Golf Game

Business and golf have always enjoyed a solid relationship with one another. Whether for developing relationships, networking, or closing a sale, golf has always been at the forefront of practical social engagement. At IonLoop, our business is to help accessorize these interactions with the latest negative ion technology and magnet, the foundation of our bracelets and watches.

When it comes to business, specifically business management, there is no greater mind than that of Peter Drucker, practically the founder of modern business management theory as we know and practice it today.One of Drucker’s more profound lessons is, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” In the spirit of measurement, this quote is especially true of golf, specifically when it comes to measuring your performance on the green.

That’s Game!

It can be embarrassing and possibly problematic if you’re out with a business associate, client, or even competitor at the golf club, and your skills aren’t up to par. Luckily, in our modern age of portable tech, there is a low-key wearable gadget specifically designed to keep your score for you.

This way, no matter who you’re in the company of, you can keep the score out of your head and focus more on creating or maintaining the relationships that matter, while admiring the lush expanse of the course, casually conversing, or just talking shop.

Keeping score is the easy part; our negative ion and magnetic bracelets handle the rest. While they’re not a magical golf genie who can improve your game instantly, IonLoop golf fans swear by our bracelets. Within weeks, players report feeling as if they’ve gained an edge to their game.

It only makes sense: if you feel better, your game subsequently benefits. And you’ll know if your game improved, provided you’ve kept score.

Winning Isn’t Everything

But for the people who have experienced the benefits of negative ion bracelets,they just can’t say enough about them.If you’re curious about the pep-in-your-step a negative ion bracelet might be able to provide you, consider joining the ranks of the pros who also wear them.

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