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​Putting the “Flex” in “Flexibility” — Golf Exercises on the Go!

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Putting the “Flex” in “Flexibility” — Golf Exercises on the Go!

When attempting to work out on these fiery summer days, there is always a temptation to cut corners, which might translate to focusing on a specific muscle group over the others. And that is perfectly acceptable every now and again. What’s less acceptable is shirking your fitness routine on the regular. Choosing the former in favor of a balanced exercise routine will always produce lopsided results.

With that said, there is an abundance of articles that detail specific exercises, which will improve your golf game, plastered every which way on the web.

In the same way that our negative ion bracelets promote an active lifestyle, the point of this post is to inform you of muscles crucial to playing a good game while you’re on the green, not inside of a gym. This way, you can save time and spend more of it doing the things you love with the people you care about. A few helpful tips…

Always Pregame

Before doing any kind of exercise, in order to reduce injury, it’s always in your best interest to do two things: stretch and hydrate. The same is true for your golf game; you should always stretch before playing. Doing so will give you a greater range of motion so you’re not stiff, as well as the added benefit of greater flexibility in your swing.

Swing Both Ways

Most people probably think that the distance cleared by the driver is all because of arm strength.And that is half-true, but your back and buttocks are responsible for the other half. Two exercises you can do while you’re waiting on your partner are standing push ups to build those biceps and squats to reinforce your backside while you wait. In addition,high knee twists work your core — a big component of your swing; those can be done standing up.

Pull Some Weight

Using the putter requires a great deal of concentration; it also requires a great deal of forearm strength — you might even call that fine motor control. After all, if you’re using the putter to tighten up the space between you and the hole,any kind of pulling activity would work great here.You might try pulling up your golf bag and setting it down a few times to get this area.

Walk It Off

Many people don’t realize this, but walking with all of those clubs can be considered exercise. It’s also a nice warm up/cool down for the muscles involved in actually playing the sport — whether it’s only three holes or a full-fledged 18-holer. So ditch the cart, grab a partner, and walk it off.

The most important part about these activities, if you’d rather not practice on the green and rather save your best for it, is that these exercises can be adapted to be done anywhere.

If you are really into getting the most out of your fitness and golf swing consider a trainer that specializes in golf such as McCormack Performance @Mccormack_performance. This guy rocks!

After all, the body is its own gym.

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