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​The Case for Wearing Sports Bracelets

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The Case for Wearing Sports Bracelets

As far as style and fashion are concerned, the case for wearing sports bracelets really comes down to versatility and customization. When it comes to negative ion or magnet bracelets, the benefits extend beyond aesthetics to include health and wellness.

There is no need to sacrifice one for the other when you shop the IonLoop line. With enough choices to suit your personal preference and even elevate a professional look, IonLoop sports bracelets are on trend and tailored to support your optimal wellbeing.

Check out this quick explanation of the benefits offered by negative ion and magnet sports bracelets before making your selection from our online store.

Make Mine a Magnet Bracelet

Many people choose to wear magnet bracelets and accessories because of their reported abilities to decrease inflammation, energize blood flow and circulation, and realign the body’s magnetic field. In addition, magnets are said to help alleviate symptoms of depression, along with fatigue, migraines, and even the pain resulting from sports injuries.

In fact, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) accredited magnetic therapy, “ for use within the remedy of palliative post-operative pain and swelling, particularly about the remedy of surface soft tissue.”

Valued for centuries by cultures around the world, magnet therapy is easier than ever to access. All IonLoop magnet bracelets are designed to emit the maximum amount of magnetic power and feature two magnets that are assembled in a north-south orientation within a clear poly-carbonate case. Available in a range of colors and styles, you can even opt for an IonLoop Smart Watch, which combines the best of magnets and negative ions.

Why opt for negative ions on top of magnetic therapy?

We’re glad you asked

The Benefits of Negative Ions

Similar to the potential of magnets, negative ion sports bracelets are sought after for their potential to enhance physical and psychological well-being. From off-setting seasonal allergies to alleviating symptoms of anxiety and depression, negative ion bracelets are your natural defense against the toxicity emitted by positive ions.

Found virtually everywhere, thanks to our digital age, positive ions are produced by electronics and so are prevalent practically wherever you go, especially when you consider our reliance on cell phones.

IonLoop negative ion bracelets contain tourmaline, a natural mineral considered a powerhouse of negative ion production. Similar to IonLoop magnet bracelets, IonLoop’s negative ion sports bracelets are also available in a range of colors and customizations. Again, those eager to reap the benefits of both technologies would be wise to shop the smart watch sports bracelet collection.

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