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​Keeping Score on Your Golf Game

Business and golf have always enjoyed a solid relationship with one another. Whether for developing relationships, networking, or closing a sale, golf has always been at the forefront of practical social engagement. At IonLoop, our business is to help accessorize these interactions with the latest negative ion technology and magnet, the foundation of our bracelets and watches.When it comes to [...]

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Load Your Lava Stone Bracelet with These Top 6 Anti-Anxiety Essential Oils

Lava stone jewelry is quite the rage right now, and for good reason. Lava stones have long been celebrated thanks to their holistic, grounding potential for those who wear them. Reportedly ideal for grounding the root chakra, lava stones are considered emotionally and spiritually beneficial, owing in part to their connection to the center of the Earth. After all, lava [...]

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​Putting the “Flex” in “Flexibility” — Golf Exercises on the Go!

When attempting to work out on these fiery summer days, there is always a temptation to cut corners, which might translate to focusing on a specific muscle group over the others. And that is perfectly acceptable every now and again. What’s less acceptable is shirking your fitness routine on the regular. Choosing the former in favor of a balanced exercise routine [...]

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​What the Pros Know: Golfing Tips for First-Timers

While you’re on the green in the sweltering  hot weather this summer,staying hydrated is key and so is sporting a negative ion bracelet, which may just bring that extra oomph to your game. In fact, ion bracelets are worn by golf players and enthusiasts of all levels because those individuals believe these bracelets help their game. Of course, if you [...]

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​Summertime Showdown: Water vs. Sports Drinks

When the mercury rises during the summer months, our bodies sometimes struggle to stay cool and keep hydrated. Of course, this is especially true during physical activities, particularly those enjoyed outside, under the hot sun. For those of us who have considered the better choice between water vs. sports drinks, here are a few quick facts to provide some gulping [...]

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Looking at Fatigue During the Lazy Days of Summer

It’s a frustrating feeling when you’re determined to seize the long summer day, but don’t feel energized enough to roust yourself off the couch. Sound familiar? Fortunately, you’re not alone. Longer days and hotter temps leave many of us feeling listless and even entirely exhausted during the summer months. But, understanding the possible explanations behind this zapped energy might be [...]

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Staying True to Your Fitness Routine While Traveling this Summer

There is nothing quite as rejuvenating as summer travel... or as potentially disruptive to your fitness routine. Don’t let some off-the-beaten-path adventure wreak havoc on your commitment to exercise and stay in shape this summer. Focus on these four fast suggestions for staying in shape while searching for summertime adventure…#1 -- Be ResourcefulWhen you’re traveling, you won’t be able [...]

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Summer Sweat: Top Three Tell-Tale Signs of Dehydration

Summertime is a much-anticipated season, especially for those of us who enjoy getting outside and staying as active as possible. Despite its “lazy days” reputation, summertime can prove strenuous. Increased activities and chances to embark on summer adventures can take their toll, if not properly planned for, in advance.When we say toll, we’re talking about dehydration. Even professional athletes who [...]

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Shield Your Skin and Save the Environment this Summer

Not far from IonLoop’s headquarters, some cutting-edge news has just been released, regarding sunblock, skincare, and saving the environment. Arguably on the heels of Hawaii’s decision to ban oxybenzone and oxtinoxate -- two ingredients used in sunscreen that have proven detrimental to marine life, particularly reef structures -- Tampa-based company Stream2Sea, has released a new sunscreen, free of these chemicals.As [...]

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3 Tips to Set You Off on the Best Trip Ever this Summer!

Summer days are here again! In fact, their official arrival begins tomorrow, June 21st -- the first day of summer! This season is consistently a popular time for families to travel. Between school vacation and long-weekend holidays like the Fourth of July, a significant segment of the population excitedly sets off each summer on planes, trains, and automobiles. No matter [...]

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