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Summer Sweat: Top Three Tell-Tale Signs of Dehydration

Summertime is a much-anticipated season, especially for those of us who enjoy getting outside and staying as active as possible. Despite its “lazy days” reputation, summertime can prove strenuous. Increased activities and chances to embark on summer adventures can take their toll, if not properly planned for, in advance.When we say toll, we’re talking about dehydration. Even professional athletes who [...]

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Shield Your Skin and Save the Environment this Summer

Not far from IonLoop’s headquarters, some cutting-edge news has just been released, regarding sunblock, skincare, and saving the environment. Arguably on the heels of Hawaii’s decision to ban oxybenzone and oxtinoxate -- two ingredients used in sunscreen that have proven detrimental to marine life, particularly reef structures -- Tampa-based company Stream2Sea, has released a new sunscreen, free of these chemicals.As [...]

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3 Tips to Set You Off on the Best Trip Ever this Summer!

Summer days are here again! In fact, their official arrival begins tomorrow, June 21st -- the first day of summer! This season is consistently a popular time for families to travel. Between school vacation and long-weekend holidays like the Fourth of July, a significant segment of the population excitedly sets off each summer on planes, trains, and automobiles. No matter [...]

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A Few IonLoop Fashion Tips for the Fellas

With Father’s Day right around the corner, no doubt many of you are scrambling to find the right gift to celebrate your dad or the dad-like figure in your life. Whether he’s a cinch or simply impossible to shop for, IonLoop has an abundance of accessories to celebrate him and his unique style.Initially designed with athletes in mind, IonLoop products [...]

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Demonstrate Deference to Military Sacrifice Everyday with IonLoop

Today marks the 74th anniversary of D-Day, the Allied Invasion of the French coast during World War II; a pivotal moment that, arguably, shifted the tides toward Allied victory over the Axis powers of Germany, Italy, and Japan. While the importance of this event and the sacrifices central to it cannot be overstated, at IonLoop, we [...]

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Arm Yourself Against Allergies

At last, no matter where you reside across the United States, spring has indeed sprung. The shoots have pushed their way through the ground’s surface and pollination is in full swing. For many of us, that welcome news comes with watery eyes, sneezing, sore throats – all the symptoms of allergy season.While most reach for [...]

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Shop and Seriously Save at our Storewide Sale

Calling all savvy shoppers this Memorial Day!As a thank you to our loyal email subscribers, IonLoop is hosting a storewide sale with all products priced at 15% off. This event only happens twice a year, which means you needn’t wait for one-shot savings on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. In fact, the IonLoop sale gives [...]

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Tracking Time at the Kentucky Derby with the Perfect Timepiece

Saturday, May 5th, marks the 144th Kentucky Derby, known by fans and racing enthusiasts as the “greatest two minutes in sports.” When it comes to keeping time at Louisville’s Churchill Downs, celebrated Swiss watchmaker, Longines, has been the official timekeeper since 2011, though its connection to the equestrian realm has been a part of the brand’s marketing [...]

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What the New Mag/Fusion Color Series Represent

IonLoop consistently delights customers by delivering the benefits of magnet therapy through its unique Mag/Fusion line. Understated and elegant, these black magnetic bead bracelets are high quality and hold up to just about any environment -- whether you’re inside or outdoors. All it takes to access the therapeutic qualities of these isotropic ferrite magnets is to [...]

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Snack Smart for Your Strongest Score

IonLoop is proud to feature the cutting edge research of the Golf Channel’s own Dr. Ara Suppiah, with respect to smart snacking in defense of your strongest score. In addition to sporting the IonLoop exclusive TiCuff Titanium bracelet, Dr. Ara -- as he prefers to be called -- is a sage when it comes to smart snacking [...]

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