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Red Hot Rings -- The IonLoop Appeal this Valentine’s Day

Would you want Cupid’s job? Think about it. Every 14th of February, men and women go about their lives as usual, except for the quiet hope that this year -- this year -- that little bow and arrow-clutching cherub will hit his elusive mark and deliver upon them the perfect mate, armed with candles, flowers, [...]

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Ionic Bands and the Science Behind Tourmaline

How Do Athletic Bracelets & Negative Ion Bands Work?Whether you’re been following the alternative health field for awhile now or you’ve stumbled upon someone advertising ionic bands, you might be wondering how do negative ion bracelets work. To understand the benefits of ion wristbands, first we need to take a look at negative ions themselves.Negative [...]

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The Best Negative Ion Bracelet to Beat the Blues this Season

Seasonal depression is a real thing and something many of us struggle with, no matter where we live. Folks living in colder climates suffer from shorter spans of sunlight, which can lead to darker days - literally and figuratively. Cold weather often makes it difficult to maintain normal routines, especially for anyone who prefers to [...]

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Understand Ion Technology as a Possible Aid to Avoid the Flu

Nobody wants to risk getting a bad cold or flu this season. Getting sick not only feels lousy, but can also negatively impact your ability to work. Depending on what you do for a living, failure to report might start to put a strain on your finances. Despite folks lining up for the flu shot [...]

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Michael Breed Takes A New Direction

IonLoop congratulates Michael Breed on his new direction. Can’t wait to hear his SiriusXM show (M-F 8am-10am) and Golf Digest has named him “Chief Digital Instructor”. Now Let's Do This!Here is his full January Newsletter to read.Welcome to the January Edition of my Newsletter, and Happy New Year! The new year ushers in a new direction for Michael [...]

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Magnetic Stimulation May Help Treat Depression

Magnets: An FDA Approved Therapy for Treatment-Resistant Depression Back in 2011, magnets made news when the FDA approved magnetic stimulation for treatment-resistant depression. Its approval as an effective therapy for mental illness helps further demonstrate the potential health benefits magnetic therapy has. Since being approved, transcranial magnetic stimulation has been growing in popularity as an effective way [...]

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Are Expensive Magnetic Bracelets Worth It?

Magnetic Jewelry: Does Higher Cost Equal Better Performance?If you’re in the market for a magnetic bracelet or some other form of therapeutic jewelry, you might’ve gotten sticker shock from some of the currently available options! And anytime there’s such a large variance in price between things, it might leave you wondering what’s the difference? Does [...]

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Magnetic Bracelet Overview: A Look into Their Mysterious Benefits

The Advantages of Magnetic Therapy for Health The use of magnets for healing is not a new concept. For thousands of years, healers and alternative health practitioners have relied on the use of therapeutic magnets for the treatment of numerous degenerative diseases. And while it almost sounds like something out of a science fiction film, studies on [...]

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Negative Ions: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Negative IonsDid you know that negative ions fill the atmosphere and surround us all the time? The highest concentrations of negative ions are found in clean, natural air – the kind found around mountains, waterfalls, and beaches. BenefitsThe holidays can leave us feeling drained and exhausted just in time to jump right into the New [...]

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Negative Ions: Strong Enough to Eradicate Salmonella?

In a scientific study performed back in 2001, researchers found that high quantities of negative ions were capable of completely eliminating harmful bacteria. Interestingly, negative ions were also studied for their ability to reduce salmonella in poultry houses and even reduce infections in hospitals. At this point, it’s well accepted that these potent little molecules [...]

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