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Negative Ions: Strong Enough to Eradicate Salmonella?

In a scientific study performed back in 2001, researchers found that high quantities of negative ions were capable of completely eliminating harmful bacteria. Interestingly, negative ions were also studied for their ability to reduce salmonella in poultry houses and even reduce infections in hospitals. At this point, it’s well accepted that these potent little molecules [...]

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Avoiding Positive Ions in the Workplace

With positive ion poisoning being implicated in a wide variety of mood and mental disorders, these dangerous little molecules might have the potential to worsen productivity for certain workers. Employees that work with and near electronics, in industrial settings, and within enclosed building spaces might be affected by abnormally high levels of positive ions, which [...]

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The Incredible Health Benefits of Forest Bathing

Japanese Tradition Known as Shinrin-Yoku May Improve HealthForest bathing, or as the Japanese call it shinrin-yoku, is a special tradition in Japan that’s been scientifically proven to help with stress, diabetes, blood pressure, anxiety, and more. While it sounds a little silly, forest bathing simply involves walking through or immersing one’s self in a forest. [...]

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The Harmful Effects of Positive Ions on Your Health

All life on this planet has a bioelectric field of energy surrounding it and thus can easily be influenced by things like electromagnetic pollution and more. Furthermore, the cells of our body typically carry a negative charge. One of the ways toxins negatively affect our body is through the absorption of what’s known as positive [...]

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Tourmaline: The Secret Behind Negative Ion Wristbands

How do Therapy Bracelets Work Their Magic?If you’ve ever wondered how something as small as a wellness wristband can generate so much talk about its benefits, here’s the secret:Tourmaline.Tourmaline is a very special and rather unusual mineral that has the uncanny ability to generate negative ions and emit balancing electrical waves. Tourmaline minerals are a [...]

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Salt Caves: A Cool Little Room That Might Help You Breath Better

Ever heard of a salt cave? If you haven’t, don’t worry, very few people are aware of what it is! Salts caves are simply manmade caves that are built with large amounts of Himalayan pink sea salt – often tons of it. Another name for it is halotherapy and despite being relatively unheard of, it’s not [...]

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Boosting Your Energy & Mood with Negative Ions in Your Home

How to Produce Negative Ions in Your Own Home If you’ve done any research on negative ions, then you probably know that unless you’re out in nature, you’re likely not getting enough. Because most negative ions are found in forests, beaches, waterfalls, and after heavy rain, these awesome little molecules aren’t always easily available. And it’s even [...]

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What You Need to Know About Earthing

Walking outside without shoes might seem like a recipe for disaster to most people. But for proponents of a process known as “earthing”, it’s a way to connect with our planet’s natural energy. For many people, walking outside without shoes is something that’s generally frowned upon. The truth is, we’ve been walking barefoot for millions of years. [...]

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The Power of Negative Ions & the Beach

Who doesn’t like going to the beach? There’s nothing quite like feeling a cool breeze on your face while listening to the sound of the ocean. It’s a truly serene experience. Which is probably why places like Myrtle Beach  attract over 14 million visitors every year. If you’ve ever been on a beach vacation, you know that [...]

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The #1 Sports Bracelet You’ll Totally “Fall” For

With the school year successfully underway, we’re on to the added commitments: tacking on extracurricular activities with the regular hustle and bustle. Back-to-School is also Back-to-Sports!While it may not feel like fall just yet, seasonal sports are in full swing, some of the most popular being: running and cross country, cycling, lacrosse and field hockey, [...]

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