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Lucky Loops! Check Out our St. Pat’s Pot of Gold!

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day this Saturday, IonLoop is sharing some serious savings with our lucky customers. This is the perfect opportunity for you to discover the benefits of negative ion technology and learn why negative ion bracelets have charmed so many who wear them. Whether you struggle with anxiety or seasonal depression, suffer from achy [...]

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Mix and Match Your Bracelets with Benefits

Whether it’s your favorite wristwatch or a beloved bracelet, you can mix and match with any of the stylish IonLoop bracelets in order to reap the benefits of negative ion technology. Not familiar with innovative IonLoop products? Never heard of negative ion technology before? We’ve got you covered! Consider this your simple guide on how [...]

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Introducing the Brand New mag/fusion COLOR Series

The team at IonLoop is delighted to announce the launch of its brand new color series to the already popular  mag/fusion line of sports bracelets. As worn by professional golfer, Rory McIlroy, mag/fusion athletic bracelets have proven the ideal accessory for those with active lifestyles. Now available in turquoise, red, and even gemstone bead details, the [...]

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The Incredible Benefits of Going Barefoot Outside

Walking outside without shoes might seem like a recipe for disaster to most people. But for proponents of a process known as “earthing”, it’s a way to connect with our planet’s natural energy. For many people, walking outside without shoes is something that’s generally frowned upon. The truth is, we’ve been walking barefoot for millions [...]

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Electromagnetic Radiation: A Growing Concern

Electromagnetic Fields: An Unavoidable Danger? There’s a growing concern of the effects of electromagnetic radiation, a form of energy that’s practically inescapable in today’s modern world. Things that generate electromagnetic radiation include radio waves, X-rays, microwaves, cellphones, electric lines, and televisions. While this form of radiation is not as dangerous as what you would find at a [...]

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China Aims to Reduce Pollution with Ion-Generating Tower

Using Ions to Combat Air Pollution Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde recently introduced an exciting new concept designed to reduce air pollution in China. Known as the “Smog Free Tower”, this 23-foot tall structure using the benefits of negative ions to attract polluted air which is then eliminated through a negatively charged surface. It’s said that the tower [...]

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The Scientific Reasons Why Going to the Beach Feels Awesome

The Power of Negative Ions & the Beach Who doesn’t like going to the beach? There’s nothing quite like feeling a cool breeze on your face while listening to the sound of the ocean. It’s a truly serene experience. Which is probably why places like Myrtle Beach attract over 14 million visitors every year. If you’ve [...]

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Red Hot Rings -- The IonLoop Appeal this Valentine’s Day

Would you want Cupid’s job? Think about it. Every 14th of February, men and women go about their lives as usual, except for the quiet hope that this year -- this year -- that little bow and arrow-clutching cherub will hit his elusive mark and deliver upon them the perfect mate, armed with candles, flowers, [...]

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Ionic Bands and the Science Behind Tourmaline

How Do Athletic Bracelets & Negative Ion Bands Work?Whether you’re been following the alternative health field for awhile now or you’ve stumbled upon someone advertising ionic bands, you might be wondering how do negative ion bracelets work. To understand the benefits of ion wristbands, first we need to take a look at negative ions themselves.Negative [...]

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The Best Negative Ion Bracelet to Beat the Blues this Season

Seasonal depression is a real thing and something many of us struggle with, no matter where we live. Folks living in colder climates suffer from shorter spans of sunlight, which can lead to darker days - literally and figuratively. Cold weather often makes it difficult to maintain normal routines, especially for anyone who prefers to [...]

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